Monday, October 31, 2005


I took pictures of Lola in her bad-ass skull sweater. Last week we went to a Hallo-weiner picnic. It was all dachshunds dressed up in costumes...hilarious!

It is starting to seem as if all I do is knit and talk about my dog. I promise that I'm not that lame. I will have to make sure that my next post is more diverse!


Saturday, October 29, 2005


sooo yesterday I went and dropped $75 at my LYS. I should never go in there without an agenda. I now have a bunch of yarn and no good project ideas. I'm thinking that blue will be a new scarf for ME...and the fushia mohair stuff will be an xmas gift for my mom. Hmmm, I'd better start brainstorming.

I started knitting up a basic 2x2 rib on the blue, It really wanted to highlight the cool subtle color change. I will probably keep it simple on my mom's scarf too.

Check out my dog, Lola, in the pic. She loves yarn. But not in a good, constructive way. She loves to grab it as soon as I turn my back and completely trash it. She was just waiting for me to look away while I was taking the picture...she knows that she can out run me. I started the Bubby bear from Lola got a hold of it and chewed a big hole in it. She must have sensed that my gauge was off. Oh well. It will just be more practice for when I start it again!

As I tried to take pictures of my mauled Bubby...the monster struck again!

Official Blogger!

What a dork. That is how I think of myself most of the time.

This could get interesting. Random thoughts from my crowded mind!

Welcome to my blog! I plan to fill this space with frequent updates on my life...knitting stuff and arbitrary thoughts mostly, but I'm sure that there will be lots of other dorky junk as well!

Bring it on!!!!