Monday, November 28, 2005

Viva Las Felted Bag Pattern

Here it popular demand (yeah, right!)

Viva Las Felted Bag


Cascasde Pastaza # 072 (3 skeins)
Berroco Lazer FX # 605 (1 skein)
#9 circular needle (I did it on a 12", but I'd go larger if you have it!)
tapestry needle
large toggle button
and of course, a washing machine to felt!

to Pastaza label specs


here we go....


CO 175 with Pastaza
join to knit in the careful not to twist!
K each stitch for 20 rows
Bind off

now you have the strap section finished...set aside

sides: (make 2)

CO 60 with Pastaza
pick up Lazer FX to carry along
Rows 1-20: knit in stockinette
(for less flash, you can drop the Lazer FX every other row)
drop Lazer FX
Row 21: K1, K2tog, k every stitch until last 3, K2tog, K1
Rows 22-30: knit in stockinette
Row 31: K1, K2tog, k every stitch until last 3, K2tog, K1
Rows 32-38: knit in stockinette
Row 39: K1, K2tog, k every stitch until last 3, K2tog, K1
Rows 40-44: knit in stockinette
Row 45: K1, K2tog, k every stitch until last 3, K2tog, K1
Rows 46-50: knit in stockinette
Row 51: K1, K2tog, k every stitch until last 3, K2tog, K1
Rows 52-54: knit in stockinette
Row 55: K1, K2tog, k every stitch until last 3, K2tog, K1
Rows 56-58: knit in stockinette
Row 59: *K1, K2tog, k every stitch until last 3, K2tog, K1
Row 60: p every stitch*
repeat from * three times (to Row 66)
Bind off


CO 20 stitches with Pastaza
K in stockinette for 40 rows
Bind off


Thread the tapestry needle with Pastaza and stitch the side panels to either side of the bag strap. Stitch the flap onto the top edge of one side panel...

you are now ready to felt...put your bag in an old pillowcase and wash with hot water and a pair or two of jeans...check it often!!! (my swatch took two cycles, while my actual bag only took half of one cycle!)

When its reached the desired feltiness..block it into shape (I used a shoe in the bottom of the bag.)

After it has on the button and then cut a TINY (I'm not kidding, it will stretch!) slit into the flap in the appropriate buttonhole place

Voila! Viva Las Felted Bag (I'm mixing my foreign languages here...)

Now...take into account that I have never written out a pattern before, so this may either be redundant or missing things or both...please let me know, and for heaven's me your bags when you are done!

In progress and finished bag pictures in previous postings!


Sunday, November 27, 2005

My felted bag!

YAY!!! My first felted project! I love love it, but DAMN it really felted up! My swatch was not even close. The swatch took two cycles through the wash and the bag only took half a cycle and felted like crazy. So because of that, its a little smaller than I had hoped, but its still pretty nice! Not too bad for coming up with the pattern on the fly!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Have you ever been obsessed with something?...

If I have ever been obsessed with anything, this felted bag project is it! I knit like a fiend yesterday and am hoping that I can finish this thing tonight! I am just anxious and excited about my first felted project! Here are some pics...

Here it is...about to go into the washer! Let the magic begin!

Friday, November 25, 2005

What Christmas Shopping?

Hubby and I ventured out to the mall this morning and battled the masses on this lovely Black Friday. We didn't buy one single gift...just stuff for us.

I looked and looked for a new bag for myself and found nothing that I loved. I decided that I would take the plunge and not only try to design my own purse, but a felted purse none the less! I have never felted...the swatch is in the wash as we speak. I am super stoked. I got some Cascade Pastaza and Berroco Laser FX. It should be interesting!

I love the colors and I think that the sequins will give it a little pizzazz and keep it from looking like someones grandma's bag...I also love the button! That bluish, greenish, turquoisey color is my color of the moment!

I must admit that I am procrastinating a little bit...I really need to start the dog sweater that I promised the bro and SIL...but I have until xmas for that! This is a project that I can start enjoying immediately!

Who has time for Christmas shopping when there is knitting to be done!

Thursday, November 24, 2005


As I pass the time before Thanksgiving Dinner watching the National Dog Show, I thought that I would check in.

Not too much on the knitting front...I finished 2x2 rib scarf...just needs blocking. My Dad's scarf is about 1/2 done and I am still contemplating who else is going to get a knit xmas gift. (I'm asking for an iPod for Christmas, along with the Boye Needlemaster set.)

Hubby and I will be having Thanksgiving dinner at a wonderful buffet! I miss the fam, but we are heading home for xmas, so we will see them soon enough!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Tis the season for SCARVES!

Tis the season for WIPs is more like i! Three scarves at three different levels of completion...first, my 2x2 rib!

I LOVE this yarn and I can't wait to have it finished! Only about another foot left to knit! I think that I will have enough yarn left over for a skinny scarf for my SIL...OR I could make myself a matching hat, but that not entirely practical seeing as how I have never worn a winter hat in the Las Vegas desert!

Next is my Harry Potter scarf! I just cast this on Friday night. I got swept up in the whole movie whirlwind. I even took a test to determine what house I would be placed in!(Ravenclaw...FYI!)I am really liking the colors and the trapped bar pattern!

Last is the Dad scarf. After spending so much effort on my mom's scarf, I started to feel bad that I wasn't going to knit anything for my dad. He's a business man who wears a suit to work everyday. I know that he wears scarves, but I've only seen him wear those finely woven scarves with trench coats and such. So I feel like I am going out on a limb a little with this. I couldn't find a pattern that was sufficantly "manly", so I came up with this...

Hopefully he likes it!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I love finishing projects!

Image hosted by
I am so glad to be finished with this scarf! It was first time with "lace" and I got the hang of it pretty quick once I figured out the pattern...dumb yo.

If this was for anyone else but my mother, I would have tossed it in the UFO pile. BUT...I would suffer it again because it turned out so darned purdy!

The yarn is beautiful with all of the great color changes, but it wasn't my favorite to work with. But I'm an instant gratification kinda girl and I usually like to stick with at least worsted weight.

Next on the needles:

* finish my 2x2 scarf

* dog sweaters! I've promised two people that their dogs would be clothed by xmas!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Yay for Short Weeks!

Or should I say, Yay for long weekends! November is the month for short work weeks. Last week I had Monday off for "Staff Development" and the week before I had Friday off for Nevada Day...Then I have this Friday off for Veterans Day! Next week is a full week, but after that I have a three day week for Thanksgiving!

It messes up my work schedule, I can't ever get anything done, but hey...who can really complain about paid days off!

My "Misty Garden" scarf is coming along nicely, but the yarn is so thin and the needles are so small that it is taking a freaking year to get anywhere! I will post a pic soon...Its an xmas gift and I am overly paranoid with getting it finished, so I am sure that it will be done within the next week. I really want to get back to work on MY scarf!

The next pattern that I want to do is the Clapotis from Knitty...I'm just not sure if I will use it. I have been scouting yarn and there is no way that I am paying about $100 for yarn for something that I may not even put to use! So maybe I can score a deal on eBay or something...

Well hubby and I off to watch Tivo (Wednesday night TV sucks!)

Saturday, November 05, 2005

What a week!

This week flew by! Probably because I was so busy fretting over misread patterns and nursing my poor puppy back to health! Yes thats right, we had Lola spayed on Tuesday. I felt so bad for the little gopher! She's back to her normal, destructive self at this point...stitches will be out next Saturday.

My other big issue of the week had to do with stupid yarn overs. I had been going with the incorrect assumption that a yo was a stitch when it is actually just bringing the yarn over the front of the needle. DUH! I spent three nights on that one. The pattern that was giving me the problem was Misty Garden from Scarf Style. Now that I figured out my yo issue, it is coming along quite nicely!

Another DUH revelation... my genius husband suggested that I go to the library to see if they had any knitting books JACKPOT! They have tons of current knitting books full of pattern for me to try! Who would have thought? Obviously not me!