Saturday, November 05, 2005

What a week!

This week flew by! Probably because I was so busy fretting over misread patterns and nursing my poor puppy back to health! Yes thats right, we had Lola spayed on Tuesday. I felt so bad for the little gopher! She's back to her normal, destructive self at this point...stitches will be out next Saturday.

My other big issue of the week had to do with stupid yarn overs. I had been going with the incorrect assumption that a yo was a stitch when it is actually just bringing the yarn over the front of the needle. DUH! I spent three nights on that one. The pattern that was giving me the problem was Misty Garden from Scarf Style. Now that I figured out my yo issue, it is coming along quite nicely!

Another DUH revelation... my genius husband suggested that I go to the library to see if they had any knitting books JACKPOT! They have tons of current knitting books full of pattern for me to try! Who would have thought? Obviously not me!

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