Sunday, November 20, 2005

Tis the season for SCARVES!

Tis the season for WIPs is more like i! Three scarves at three different levels of completion...first, my 2x2 rib!

I LOVE this yarn and I can't wait to have it finished! Only about another foot left to knit! I think that I will have enough yarn left over for a skinny scarf for my SIL...OR I could make myself a matching hat, but that not entirely practical seeing as how I have never worn a winter hat in the Las Vegas desert!

Next is my Harry Potter scarf! I just cast this on Friday night. I got swept up in the whole movie whirlwind. I even took a test to determine what house I would be placed in!(Ravenclaw...FYI!)I am really liking the colors and the trapped bar pattern!

Last is the Dad scarf. After spending so much effort on my mom's scarf, I started to feel bad that I wasn't going to knit anything for my dad. He's a business man who wears a suit to work everyday. I know that he wears scarves, but I've only seen him wear those finely woven scarves with trench coats and such. So I feel like I am going out on a limb a little with this. I couldn't find a pattern that was sufficantly "manly", so I came up with this...

Hopefully he likes it!


Impossible Princess said...

I'm LOVEING that first scarf....what yarn is tha tI have to pick some up!

craftykt said...

THANKS! I love it too!
The yarn is Lana Gatto Musa...

Here is one of the few places that I have seen this yarn online!