Saturday, October 29, 2005


sooo yesterday I went and dropped $75 at my LYS. I should never go in there without an agenda. I now have a bunch of yarn and no good project ideas. I'm thinking that blue will be a new scarf for ME...and the fushia mohair stuff will be an xmas gift for my mom. Hmmm, I'd better start brainstorming.

I started knitting up a basic 2x2 rib on the blue, It really wanted to highlight the cool subtle color change. I will probably keep it simple on my mom's scarf too.

Check out my dog, Lola, in the pic. She loves yarn. But not in a good, constructive way. She loves to grab it as soon as I turn my back and completely trash it. She was just waiting for me to look away while I was taking the picture...she knows that she can out run me. I started the Bubby bear from Lola got a hold of it and chewed a big hole in it. She must have sensed that my gauge was off. Oh well. It will just be more practice for when I start it again!

As I tried to take pictures of my mauled Bubby...the monster struck again!

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