Saturday, January 14, 2006

Its been a while!

Wow...It has been a while! The holidays kept me plenty busy. Even got stuck in New York for an extra two days because of a stupid airline delay. Thats life I suppose! Got the iPod nano that I wanted, but not the Needlemaster set...Oh well. I'm sure I'll buy it for myself!

Today hubby and I waited in line for three hours to audition to be contestants on Deal or no Deal. I figured that at the least, it would give us a story to tell and what the heck, we could win a million bucks! No call back yet...we'll know by tomorrow if we were selected. At least we got to meet Howie Mandel (not exciting by the way).

In my absence, I finished Kate from Knitty...I LOVE HER! I am totally hooked on knit toys now! So fun! I love the personality that you can give the little guys! I think that I may have found my new obsession!

I've already started my second Kate. I had never really made a 3D knit object* before, so I ran into some rookie mistakes. I am finding #2 much easier.

*I do realize that all knitted things are 3D, but you know what I mean, right?

And for no good reason, heres a pic of my adorable nephew...


Areli said...

Kate is so cute! Your nephew is pretty cute, too.

Jerry & Maxy said...

Kate is SOOOOOOoooooOOO cute! Almost as cute as Lola...and your nephew. Super nice knitting.