Thursday, February 09, 2006

SO much!

I have been super duper busy and my poor little blog has been really neglected! I have soo much fun stuff to share!

First of all, I got my first little pressie from my SP...the one and only Suicidal Bunny! Super cute stitch markers! Yay!

I also FINALLY got my Polar for my Lace Leaf Pullover...It is knitting up pretty quick and so far so good! Its my first sweater and I think I will like it!

I did have some issues though. Many said that the Polar is a ggod sub for the Van Dyck that the pattern calls for, but I did not get gauge...even with the #13s called for by the pattern. A 15 would have given me a really loose stitch, so I decided that instead of trying to do the math, I would just make the largest far so good, but we'll see if that comes back to bite me in the ass.

I also had a great swap and I got some KnitPicks WOTA to dye! YAY! I am excited about that. I used to be into weaving and dying in college when I took my fibers classes.

I have to fly right now...but I have more to share...stay tuned!

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