Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wednesday...stupid hump day

Wednesday is not my favorite day of the week...don't exactly know why, but it's definitely no Thursday thats for sure.

At work, I am doing clay projects with the kids and my hands are so f-ing dry! That clay just S-U-C-K-S the moisture out of my skin...and my hair, you should see the static electricity. I could light half the strip. Oh well. Its worth it to see the munchkins so excited.

I went yarn shopping the other day and my super dry hands just kept snagging on the yarn, I couldn't tell if the yarn was soft or scratchy. I felt like I was yarn sensing abilities...NOOOOOO.

I was also sick this past week, so that means I put the weight loss resolution on hold for another week. I want to lose about 20lbs by the time my parents come to visit in April and its coming up quick...I need to get on the ball! I added my little counter dealy at the bottom of my blog, so wish me luck!

In knitting news, the Knitty SP round officially starts today...hoping to send my downstream a package by the end of the week. I made him or her a little sumpin and I would love to post some pics, but I might get found out that way. AND my super cool Bunny friend has announced that a package is already on the way for me! How'd I get so lucky!?!?

AND I am still waiting on my Polar for the Lace-Leaf pullover! I contacted the eBay seller and they have assured me that they have shipped over 7000 packages to the US and only two have gone missing...hmmm maybe three now. [grumble] want my stupid yarn, damn it! [grumble]

complain much?!?!

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Karen said...

Ouch, your poor little hands. That was funny about the yarn sensing disability . . . but funny in a sad way. :( I hope the clay project is almost done and you can moisturize like crazy and get back to the yarn shopping!!! If you are looking for some support in the weight loss endevor, check out Purling the Pounds Away!! Best of luck!!