Sunday, June 18, 2006

What a weekend!

I may have found my way out of my knitting slump!

It all started on Friday evening. I noticed a voicemail on my phone...It was Two Crazy Ladies yarn shop! They were letting me know about the sale that was going on this Saturday...



So I went. I brought hubby along to keep me from spending our savings...and I didn't mean to, but I left with a big bag full!

Are you ready to drool?

This is the softest yarn! It was inexpensive to begin with, but at 50% OFF, it was downright cheap! I'm going to make a sweater of my own design I think. A top-down raglan with a very deep V neck...we'll see.

I have always admired this SAMOA...not sure what I'll do with it, but I think that I will pick up a couple more balls, so that will have enough for something good!

This is a Cotton/acrylic blend from Reynolds called OLE OLE! I love the color. Its a very pretty orangy red. There wasn't much good light when I snapped these pictures. I want to make a vest with this stuff. I thought about Fad-Classic...maybe something similar. Any suggestions?

Last, but not least, my Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky! Wow! This stuff is sooo soft and nice. Its hard to tell, but its a beautiful pale blue. I saw it and thought, that would be perfect for the Anthropologie-inspired capelet that floating around on, thats what I did!

If was SUPER FAST to knit. I modified the pattern a bit...I used reg stockinette instead of reverse, I added ribbing in the front and lengthened the body ane the sleeves quite a bit. I really like it. So soft and comfy. Perfect for this yarn. I think it would be too much to have a whole sweater knit with it!

My Woolease for the Cropped Cardi from knit1 will be here tomorrow (gotta love UPS tracking!), and then I am going out of town for a week. I think that maybe I will bring Orangina on the plane and wait until I get back to start the cardi...we'll see if I can restrain myself!


Rain said...

I love your modifications, it looks great on you.

Gorgeous yarn, can't wait to see wat it becomes.

Sheila said...

Love it and the color as well.. great job.