Friday, June 16, 2006


Don'tcha hate it when life gets in the way? I have neglected my blog. I could give a million excuses, and many of them would be true, but I'll just go with laziness as my main reason.

Things are looking up! I have lost about ten pounds...about 20 to go...and I am on my very last summer vacation for the forseeable future (the school that I teach at is going to a year-round schedule...blech!)

Knitting has been going pretty well too...

here is my Something Red:

Its ok...I don't love it. I used KnitPicks Shine (thanks knittingmama!) My increases in the ribbing are too visible and I think that there is a better pattern for the yarn.


My Razor Cami...I like this one, but am having a little issue with the strap placement. I already frogged the straps and am in the process of devising a way to move them out from under my armpits!

Otherwise, it is super cute and soft. I used Microspun about two skeins and I cast on the extra twelve stitches for a little extra room.

The pattern can be found here.

I'm still working on Oragina...slow but steady. My next project is the the Green Cropped Cardi from knit1.


mamma said...

I'm sorry you don't love the something red. In an unrelated note wait until you wash the shine. Just throw it in the washer on warm. It comes out so unbelieveably soft.

I do love the razor cami. The microspun is good stuff too.

Rain said...

Well done on the weight loss. Keep it up.

Razor looks fantastic on you, but I know what you mean about the strap placement.

Something Red really suits you.