Monday, July 24, 2006

here we go again!

I took a break this weekend and started a quick diversion project.

Let me present Odessa (magKnits):

Its my first hat. I had planned on giving it as a gift for xmas, but my friend has a tiny pea-head and this fits my giant melon, so it will be huge on her. Too bad that I have little need for a hat. I think its pretty cute...even though hubby said it looks like a chemo-cap.

It is exceedingly difficult to take a picture of the top of your own head.

I used almost exactly one skein of KnitPicks Elegance in Burnt Orange. The beads are shades of orange and turquoise.

Next up:


I hate to say it, but ICK! I thought that these were a good idea, but no. I finished one, but won't do the other. This one is getting frogged. I don't want to waste the yarn. It was a good exposure to fair-isle, but I'm just not feeling them. They look even sillier than I had imagined. (and thats pretty silly)

My little bro is coming to visit this week. Hes never been to Vegas before, so I have to take him to see the sites. He is going to die, It is going to be scorchingly hot this week. It's 11:30 am and its already 105.

Because of his visit, I have to clean out my car, I'm not used to having a passenger. Sigh...the things we do for family! Now, I must leave you and return to Magnum PI. Have a lovely Monday!

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Rain said...

Odessa looks great on you, the colour is fantastic.