Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Yarn Snobbery be DAMNED!

It seems that recently I have found myself purchasing some yarn that I normally wouldn't have considered.

Take for example my Green Cardi from knit1...Its knit with some good old Wool-ease. Another recent purchase finds me in the company of some Caron Simply Soft Tweed (which IS soft and quite pretty IMO). I'm planning on knitting the Central Park Hoodie from the F06 Knitscene with it. And, of course, there is my Clapotis made out of Simply Soft.

And then there is Knitpicks...ah Knitpicks...how I love thee! While not acrylic, still looked down upon by some!

Anyway, my point is that while I won't argue the virtue and beauty of expensive yarns. (I do love me some expensive yarn!) I have found myself to be a much happier knitter in the past few months as I have thrown my snobbish ways aside and stopped the stereotyping of acrylic!

Hey, most of my favorite store bought sweaters are mainly acrylic or some other man-made fiber. They are washable (for the most-part) and very wearable (unlike my alpaca wrap sweater...what was I thinking!).

Enough of my rant. I just wanted to speak my piece and let it be known that I am a non-discriminatory, equal opportunity knitter!

Happy knitting all!


Karen said...

I love Knit Picks too - but always feel so embarassed to admit it. But my wallet loves it too. :)

Rain said...

Yarn snobbery makes me laugh, acrylic more than has it's place and the stuff I've had from knitpicks is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I'm always a happier knitter when I get more yarn for less money!

kristin said...

yay knitpicks!! And yay Simply Soft!!