Sunday, July 09, 2006

Orangina is DONE!

There she is! Blocking as we speak! So glad that I can stick a fork in this one. Not that I didn't enjoy knitting this pattern, I really did! Its just that I thought that I would never finish. Part of the reason is because I added several inches to the lace section to make up for my longer than average torso. And I am SOOO glad that I did! When I tried it on before blocking, it hit just above my I'm hoping that the blocking will add at least an inch, or other wise, I won't be able to wear this to work!

I used the recommended Rowan 4ply Cotton. I really loved it and look forward to the next time that I can splurge on Rowan yarn! I only used about 3 3/4 balls and the pattern calls for 6! So I have two and 1/4 balls of yarn, which is enough to make, lets see, um NOTHING! Oh well...

I will post an action shot as soon as it is dry!

Check another WIP off the list!

1 comment:

Rain said...

Woohoo! You finished it! It looks fab and I love the colour.

Could you get another Razor Cami or something similar out of the extra yarn?