Monday, July 10, 2006

I LOVE Orangina!

Here is Orangina in all of her blocked glory!

I am soo pleased with how it turned out! I had been skeptical from the beginning and wasn't sure how well this pattern would suit my figure, BUT I kept a close eye on the KALs and took note of others FOs. I was able to modify the pattern so that it works for me!

First of all, I knit the smallest size which was a 34...thats down a size from what I would usually go with... and second, I added a lot of length...probably 4 inches to the lace. I think that its a bit more form fitting than the original was intended, but its perfect for me! This is probably my favorite garment that I have knit for myself!



Rain said...

It looks great on. The colour really suits you.

geeyouknit said...

That is a color I haven't seen before and I love it, especially with the red under it. Looks fabulous.